A sticker system for use in areas where business life goes on.

If it’s time to decal your space with horizontal or information signs, you’re in the right place.

social distancing concept with footstep prints on the floor. 3D rendering / illustration

Production halls, warehouses, e-commerce spaces, workshops are places where absolute order must be maintained.

To designate places where people can safely move, mark storage areas for products or even stick a STOP sign on the floor to warn of danger, it is necessary to use a marking system. Flexlean trusts the quality and brand of Ergomat, which is the world’s leading manufacturer of marking elements.

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Example projects

Below are some examples of the most commonly built structures. For more information go to the projects tab.


What is the advantage of stickers over sign painting?

At Flexlean, we focus on flexibility of solutions. Signs that are glued on can be easily modified. Manufacturing companies live very busy lives, they are in constant motion and there are many changes. Painted markings do not allow for quick changes.

Are the stickers durable?

We chose to work with the PREMIUM brand. There are no more durable products than the ones we offer. You can find on the market equally good alternatives but not better. If we think carefully about where and how to place the signs, they will last for years. However, you should be aware that no sticker or painted lines will survive a "collision" with a forklift.

Is a special substrate required for stickers?

The substrate, must be reasonably even, dry, clean and dust-free. These are only surface requirements. Before applying stickers, the surface should be degreased with preparations generally available on the market.

Does Flexlean make custom stickers/markings?

Yes. We can make markings with your logo or any text of your choice.

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