We are engaged in the creation of structures that participate in the organization of space. We serve about 150 manufacturing plants in Poland and Europe. Our clients include VW, Opel, Whirlpool, Amica, LG and many others.

Flexlean, is a company that was founded on the grounds of friendship and trust. There are no employees at Flexlean, but people who make up the company.


The rules at Flexlean give space to be creative. At Flexlean, we encourage people to share their thoughts, it builds us up. The ideas of the people who make up Flexlean are often the inspiration for creating new trends and developing our company. At Flexlean, the management only gave the direction “We improve processes”, the rest was taken care of by the people who make up this company: salespeople, designers, technicians, engineers, logisticians, internal administration. This is a place where we speak with freedom about what we think. A place of freedom of speech and open discussion. We respect each other’s views and the greatest value inside the company is the understanding and good mood of each of us.


All this makes everyone in our company know that the most important thing for us are the customers, which we treat as Partners. It is thanks to you that we can do what we like and work in the atmosphere we have created at Flexlean.