A system of aluminum profiles and connectors for building advanced structures.

Where the pipe and connector system has its limitations, the aluminum profile system comes to work. It is an advanced solution from which the framing of machines or production lines is built. It is also perfect for building workstations or rack structures. The number of possibilities offered by this tool will satisfy the most demanding customers. The system includes different widths of profiles and countless additional components that allow the construction of anything that pops into the designer’s mind. At Flexlean, we have the knowledge and tools to design, machine and assemble this system.

Aluminum profiles require a little more precision when assembling than the pipe-and-connector system, but their rigidity and the unique aesthetics of their anodized surfaces produce a superior effect.

Since the aluminum system is quite a bit more expensive than the pipe-and-connector system, we at Flexlean have learned how to combine aluminum profiles with the reliable but much cheaper pipe-and-joint system. This results in hybrid structures where aluminum is used only where necessary.

Flexlean profiles are compatible with the most common “Item-type” and “Bosch-type” standards.

Example implementations

Below are some examples of the most commonly built structures. For more information go to the projects tab.


What tools are needed to assemble structures from the Flexlean aluminum system?

It depends on the scale of the components used, but as a rule of thumb, a precision saw, a set of allen wrenches, threaders are needed for assembly.

How to choose between aluminum and pipe-and-connector systems?

If our customer/partner does not impose a specific solution on us, we start with the pipe-and-connector system. It is cheaper and gives the possibility of very fast modifications. However, there are spaces where the complexity of the structure requires the use of an aluminum system.
Our advice: start with a tube, if it turns out that we encounter limitations then we will propose aluminum; if it is also not suitable then we will weld your structure

Is the Flexlean system compatible with Bosh type and Item type standards?

Yes, our system has both standards. It is a high quality replacement for both mentioned types.

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