Storage racks in PRODUCTION

Storage racks are essential for efficient production management. They are called in many ways in manufacturing industry: supermarkets (), stacking racks, flow racks, etc.
Such racks have very different tasks and are most often found around production lines. They are used to put away semi-finished products and supply production lines with the necessary components.

Such storage racks, in combination with forklifts, are part of intralogistics, that is, they take part in intra-plant operations that ensure the flow of goods necessary to maintain production. Intralogistics planning aims to synchronize multiple operations, and requires necessary infrastructure such as warehouse racks and the previously mentioned forklifts (transportation).

Warehouse racks in the e-commerce industry.

Similar to manufacturing companies, the e-commerce industry faces an arrangement of processes that very often involve thousands of products. Here, warehouse racks are intertwined with many other shelving structures (tables, forklifts) where packaging of products takes place. Products are taken from the warehouse racks, which are later repacked or combined with others for shipment to the recipient.

Flexlean warehouse racks in combination with high-bay racks.
In this configuration, Flexlean warehouse racks become a complement to high-bay racks. It often happens that warehouses lack space for small containers. High-bay racks are used for storing bulky items, pallets, often at great heights. A forklift is required to operate such racks. But what when there are also small containers in the warehouse? This is where Flexlean storage racks come with a solution. We arrange the space in the lowest part of the high-bay rack and place a Flexlean storage rack there. Such a solution increases the range of possibilities of the warehouse and allows ergonomic work with small dimensions.

Example projects

Below are some examples of the most commonly built structures. For more information go to the projects tab.


Where can I see the available racks?

Flexlean creates dedicated solutions, we do not have a catalog of finished products. You can view our implementations and if you find that you are interested in any of our standards (tubular-connected, aluminum, welded) then please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will ask you about the purpose of the structure and get you a design and a quote.

In addition to warehouse racks, can I also order other "elements" of intralogistics?

Yes, of course. We will be happy to help you create a whole concept of solutions that, when combined, will provide the required flow of goods.

Will Flexlean install the structures on my production /warehouse?

Yes, we install the structures at the customer/warehouse.

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